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Breaking Down

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  1. Gardagore says:
    The third-person singular simple present indicative form of break down is breaks down. The present participle of break down is breaking down. The past participle of break down is .
  2. Dut says:
    Breaking Down book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Gabi was born to play polo, but her career opportunities are far from /5.
  3. Samuk says:
    To force or make a way through; puncture or penetrate: The blade barely broke the skin.
  4. Mikajas says:
    The enyzme can break down PET plastic bottles into their individual chemical composites, which could later be reused to make brand new bottles. Conventional recycled plastic that goes through a.
  5. Kazragis says:
    Synonyms for breaking down in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for breaking down. synonyms for break: shatter, separate, destroy, split, divide, crack, snap, smash, crush.
  6. Kazrazilkree says:
    Jul 09,  · Breaking Down World Series Odds for Every MLB Contender. 0 of Kelvin Kuo/Associated Press. As we approach the beginning of the truncated
  7. Kagam says:
    1. verb Of a machine, to malfunction or break altogether. I'm afraid the blender is breaking down. It stopped working again today. She didn't come to the party because her car broke down on the way here.
  8. Nilabar says:
    Breakdown definition is - the action or result of breaking down: such as. How to use breakdown in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of breakdown.

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