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  1. Kagagar says:
    Translate Logrolling. See authoritative translations of Logrolling in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.
  2. Kigagul says:
    Log-rolling. Disciplines > Negotiation > Negotiation tactics > Log-rolling. Description | Example | Discussion | See also. Description. Make a range of requests, some of which are less important as well as those which are critical for you.
  3. Julkree says:
    Emergency medicine A popular term for the moving of a Pt–as if rolling a log–without allowing lateral movement of the head and neck, usually to a board or other flat rigid device McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine. © by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Want to .
  4. Gardarn says:
    IF YOUR PATIENT'S body must remain in alignment after spinal surgery, use the logrolling technique when turning him to protect him from injury and discomfort and to prevent complications. Logrolling requires at least two people (three for a large patient). The two-person technique is shown here.
  5. Grogrel says:
    noun 1. the act of rolling logs, as when a group of neighbors help to clear off land by rolling logs into some spot for burning, etc. 2.
  6. Kebei says:
    Logroll definition, to procure the passage of (a bill) by logrolling. See more.
  7. Shadal says:
    a sport in which two people stand on a log floating on water and try to knock each other off by moving the log with their feet See logrolling in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary.
  8. Zulkigal says:
    log rolling: a method of turning patients following neurosurgical procedures when the spine must be maintained in alignment. Two persons use a sheet to turn the patient as a unit; if the patient is unable to support the head, a third person is necessary. Log rolling a patient as .
  9. Arashisar says:
    Government [ U.S. Politics.]the exchange of support or favors, esp. by legislators for mutual political gain as by voting for each other's bills. cronyism or mutual favoritism among writers, editors, or critics, as in .

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